Consideration of insured events under the Green Card policy
The Green Card policy is a necessary document for entering a number of countries, it is also mandatory third party liability insurance coverage for harm to the life and property of third parties when operating a car.

OPS Group offers a comprehensive solution for claims handling, cost control and process quality control to insurance companies. A multilingual platform, guaranteed quality, control system and extensive experience allow us to be a reliable representative of leading insurance companies. Innovative technologies are used to process and collect information.
Consideration of insurance claims under the 4th EU Directive
With many years of experience in handling insurance claims in connection with cross-border road traffic accidents, OPS Group acts as an authorised agent for insurance and logistics companies in accordance with the 4th EU Directive.

We always fulfil our obligations with high quality and a high degree of responsibility, involving certified experts and other specialists if necessary. Our staff are qualified and experienced specialists who will help solve your problems of any complexity.
Assisting insurance companies in resolving any vehicle insurance claims
Collecting additional documents, conducting examinations and investigations. Our carefully selected network of local service providers ensures minimal administrative costs.
Estimation and calculation of losses
Experienced, independent experts will help assess and calculate the material consequences of damage to a vehicle or property. If necessary, they will re-examine the calculations presented by the insurance company.
Organisation of inspection of damaged vehicles and property
Inspection of damaged property is one of the important steps in compensation for damage. Experts and experienced specialists will carry out a thorough inspection of damaged vehicles and property in an expeditious manner, so that you can achieve the maximum compensation. All stages of the organisation and implementation of the procedure will be taken care of by the staff of OPS Group.
Conducting an independent medical examination of the victims
Experts with extensive experience and length of service will conduct an independent medical examination of the victims. If necessary, it is possible to conduct a pathological examination and additional investigation of the circumstances of the incident.
Loan payment insurance
Confidence and protection of the family from the loss of real estate in unforeseen life situations.
We assist and regulate damages, make payments in the event of:
Temporary disability - loss of ability to work due to illness or accident, which lasts for more than 30 days;
Permanent disability, if the ability to work is irretrievably lost;
Deprivation of life;
Involuntary unemployment lasting for more than 30 days - the job is lost at the initiative of the employer or by mutual agreement initiated by the employer, as a result of staff lay-offs or the liquidation of the company.
Legal protection
Due to the versatility of relations on compulsory insurance of car owners, disputes over insured events are also varied. Lawyers and experts of OPS Group are ready to offer assistance in any situations regarding protecting the customer’s interests - providing legal assistance, support and advice.