Medicine and health care
OPS Group has set new standards on the market: 24/7 healthcare cost recovery and a cost containment programme.

Acceptance of applications and consultation.
Outpatient treatment
Initial consultation (family doctor or therapist), consultations of other specialists.

Laboratory analyses, injections and other services.

The possibility of organising medical services both at the location of the patient and in clinics.
Emergency care

Organisation of medical escort and transport.

Repatriation by land or air in accordance with the recommendations of a doctor. Urgent hospitalisation at the nearest hospital.

Treatment in a standard ward, if necessary in an intensive care unit.

Services of doctors and nurses, medicines, dressings, anaesthesia, tests, procedures and operations (the hospitalisation process is agreed with the insurer regarding procedures and medical costs).
Medical evacuation and repatriation
Guarantee of payments (guarantee of the aforementioned services and coverage on behalf of the insurer, including advance payments if necessary, translation of documents, etc.). Repatriation is organised according to the highest quality standards and medical recommendations: an ambulance with a resuscitation team, a regular flight, a helicopter or an air ambulance flight, accompanied by doctors and/or paramedics, is used. Our goal is to safely, without harming the patient's health, return them home or deliver them to the nearest hospital to the place of residence.
Other services. Investigation - checking fraud signals.
Travel and tourism
We are ready to help and protect your customer's holiday or business trip, providing fast and high-quality medical care in the case of illness or injury, assistance with logistics, in the case of flight cancellations, refunds in the case of lost luggage, ensuring security.

We provide consultations: 24/7 online support.
We provide recommendations for filling out documents, collecting documents, drawing up applications (within the terms of travel insurance).
Other (within the terms of travel insurance).
Roadside assistance

OPS Group provides comprehensive roadside assistance programmes, as well as the administration of extended vehicle warranty and contact centre services according to the industry-specific topic. We provide both basic roadside assistance services (technical assistance, evacuation, emergency commissioner, etc.), and any additional services not related to a car breakdown, but aimed at improving the comfort level of the car user.

OPS Group is a 24/7 support centre for owners of vehicles of all classes, including the representative group. We are trusted by the flagships of the global automotive industry: we are the first point of contact for their customers in the Baltic states.
Land and water transport

OPS Group is constantly working to improve roadside assistance services, keeping up with the significant transformations in the automotive industry, and always striving to provide our customers with the best possible service. The massive introduction of e-transport opens up new opportunities for high-quality and efficient roadside assistance.

OPS Group is actively developing the assistance and support sector for water and maritime transport. Cruise ships, yachts, cargo ships ... We are constantly working on solutions that allow every crew member or guest, in the event of illness or injury, to feel our support at sea and on land.
Legal protection

Legal decision or support in the process of insurance assistance abroad and in your country.
Extended warranty administration and more

Extended Warranty is a unique tool for improving customer loyalty.

OPS Group offers experienced professionals who will provide comprehensive assistance and profound support to your customers.