Corporate social responsibility
Application of the fundamental norms of corporate social responsibility as the foundation for doing business at the enterprise.

Active participation of business in social and public life in the role of a direct member of social legal relations in order to improve the quality of life in society.

Providing assistance in the implementation of social projects of the private sector and the state.
Environmental friendliness and the environment. Making the most of energy efficient technologies and renewable materials.
How we are working
OPS Group offers a full range of solutions on regulating claims and support services. All our services are collected under one ‘umbrella’, allowing us to be flexible in relations with our customers.
OPS Group is a reliable partner for its customers - from individuals to the largest corporations. Open multilingual online assistance system

Multilingual online claims processing system and support services in Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, English, Norwegian, Swedish, Polish and Russian.

The correctly organised structure of information on insurance claims, professional use of data and analytical information, allow one to determine and monitor the level of service at the customer’s request.
Access to the data system, which contains all documents, messages and data on insured events, is as clear and transparent as possible for an insurance company.
Our carefully selected network of local service providers ensures minimal administrative costs.