Assistance in travelling
OPS Group offers a comprehensive solution for managing the risks that can arise when travelling abroad. On a business or leisure trip, we will offer prompt advice or effective assistance in all cases of a threat to your health and property. Solution of logistic problems, including the organisation of evacuation or repatriation.
The support is provided 24/7, 365 days a year.
Customer service
On the side of a road, at home, all round the world and around the clock, OPS Group is ready to provide your customers with qualified service. At present, customer service goes far beyond traditional telephone support. Customer service takes place in live dialogue mode using modern technologies. Our technology, accumulated experience and extensive network of partners are aimed at ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. Customer service is more than just answering questions. Currently, this is an important part of expanding the customer base and successful consolidation on the market. Our employees anticipate and foresee customer questions in order to confirm once again how carefully and respectfully you treat them.
Medical consultations
Medical consultation (or medical advice, depending on the local law) is suitable for any situation: at home, at work, driving a car, using public transport, or while travelling around the world. We provide advice and assistance that is fully compliant with local and international regulations. Personal information is kept in the strictest confidence and the relationship between doctor and patient is fully respected.

By partnering with OPS Group, customers can enjoy privileged access to a wide range of healthcare services in countries where they experience time constraints or other barriers. OPS Letters of Guarantee (GOP) are accepted by many clinics around the world. In other cases, we can make advance payments to patients and/or clinics.
Consideration of insurance claims
Our specialists in handling claims have profound knowledge and practical experience in ensuring consistent quality for our clients. We are well prepared to handle claims related to all types of insurance, including health, road and sea transport, real estate, civil liability. In addition to our expertise, we use innovative tools and technologies to ensure the fulfilment of our key promises to our customers.

Access to the claims handling system, where the data, documents or messages are located, is crystal clear and transparent for the insurance company.
Insurance call centre
OPS uses a PBX telephone exchange and provides services 24/7. Our specialists communicate in Lithuanian, Latvian, Russian, English, Polish and Estonian.

On average, the answer to a call takes ± 5.3 seconds, the number of unanswered calls is 0.2%, and the callback is organised immediately.

The client has the opportunity to register an insurance event online, even in an emergency, using the or applications.

All telephone conversations are recorded and stored for a year.

We work closely with you to gain insight on your insurance products and services. Then we apply your information in our daily work to provide excellent customer service at a competitive price.