Code of Conduct
We conduct our business honestly and openly. Openness contributes to the long-term survival and prosperity of an individual and a group. We understand that the rights and freedoms that we enjoy in society and in our enterprise are only possible with honest relationships.
Openness and honesty
We work as a team and coordinate our actions, strengthening each other. We cope with difficulties together and share the results honestly.
We strive to be top-class professionals in our activities and to act clearly, correctly and with high quality. We pay attention to details and little things that make up the art of a professional. We are constantly learning and training to improve our professionalism.
We adhere to the principle of fairness. It is our ability to act impartially, without pre-made decisions based on prejudice or negative opinion.
We treat opinions, behaviour, beliefs or character of others without enmity, patiently and with respect, trying first of all to understand a person, and then to be understood ourselves. We are committed to being friendly towards people and organisations, regardless of their faith and beliefs. We do not accept intolerance towards other people and groups.
We respect human dignity, do not infringe upon it, in any situation we realise that there are human rights that no one has the right to violate. We recognise the value of a person, their positive qualities and sincerely show our respect for them. We never insult anyone's human dignity.
Respect for human dignity
In our relationships with other people and organisations, we accept the ‘golden rule’ of humanity, which says: “Treat others as one wants to be treated.” We do not do anything in relation to others that we would not like to receive in relation to ourselves.
‘Golden rule’