The history of the company began in 1995. From the very first days of our operation, we aimed at offering our advantages: flexibility and efficiency to our customers in the insurance and assistant areas. The style of our operation has been perfected over the years, but openness in relations with the customer has remained unchanged.
With the arrival of new executive employees in our team, we have gradually expanded the range and the level of our services. New directions appeared and were successfully developed, such as assistance on the road or in repatriation. Ambitious goals were set to improve the system of handling claims and assistant support.

Over the years, we managed to create a strong team of like-minded people who were open to new knowledge and development.

The introduction of new quality standards in working with data and the constant improvement of our service attracted leading insurance, medical, travel and automotive companies to us. The circle of our customers is constantly growing. We are also growing and developing together with our customers.